Code of Conduct
It is of major importance to Fast Traxx Troupe that its leadership create a "tone at the top" that promotes ethical conduct throughout our endeavors. This requires that all members of the Fast Traxx Troupe organization maintain their independence when conducting club business and not use their positions to further their own or a friend's or "Family Member's" personal interest.  

To ensure continued confidence in Fast Traxx Troupe leadership in the sport of track and field and because we operate in the public spotlight, we are expected to conduct our affairs on a basis consistent with the great trust that has been placed in us. This requires that our behavior conform to the highest ethical principles. For these reasons we require all of our members to conduct themselves with integrity and to maintain a standard of ethical conduct consistent with the laws and regulations of our state and country and as well as all of USATF’s established policies and procedures. Furthermore, because the appearance of impropriety can be just as damaging as actual impropriety, conduct which appears to be improper is also unacceptable.  

The policies set forth in our Code of Conduct are intended to guide the conduct and business activities and other matters involving, directly or indirectly, Fast Traxx Troupe. The Code of Conduct is intended to inspire all of us to be at our best, encourage voluntary compliance, disclosure of actual or potential conflicts, and informal resolution.  The  Code  is  not  all  inclusive,  as  not  every  expectation  or circumstance respecting proper and ethical business conduct can be anticipated, however it should be used as a guide by all members.
Fast Traxx Troupe Track Club is a community track club serving all the communities within driving distance of Colorado Springs. The club is an IRS 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization.
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct