The Coach’s Code of Conduct specifies professional and ethical standards for coaches who, like physicians, must “first, do no harm.”

Treat all participants in sport fairly and with respect at all times.
Provide feedback to athletes and other participants in a caring manner.
Respect the expertise, experience and insights of others in sport.
Refrain from demeaning comments about others in sport.
Recognize athletes’ right to consult with other coaches and advisors.
Respect athletes as autonomous individuals and refrain from inappropriate
   intervention in the athletes’ personal affairs.
Refuse to practice, condone, ignore, facilitate or collaborate with any form
   of unjust discrimination in sport.
Act to prevent or correct practices that are unjustly discriminatory.
Encourage and facilitate participants’ ability to be responsible for their own
  behavior, performance and decisions.
Respect the opinions and wishes of participants when making decisions that
  affect them, including with respect to training regimens and performance
Communicate and cooperate with family members (with the athlete’s
Participation consent), involving them as appropriate in decisions pertaining
  to the athlete’s development.
Clarify the nature of coaching services to participants, i.e., athletes, parents,
  family members or significant others.
Keep confidential any information about athletes or others gained through
  coaching activities and believed to be confidential by those persons.
Encourage a climate of mutual support among all participants in sport.
Encourage participants to respect one another and to expect respect for
  responsibility their worth as individuals.
Keep informed on current issues related to respect for participants, e.g.
  gender equity.
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
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