Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
"Sports do not build character. They reveal it."
                           - John Wooden

Listen to coaches and respect what they have to say.
Be honest about your ability and how you feel.
Do not use inappropriate or offensive language at practice or at a meet.
Respect each individual (teammate, coaches, parents and others as well).
Do not push, hit, pinch, kick or cause any physical harm to anyone.
Inform the coaches if you are sick or have an injury that may affect your ability
     to train or compete.
Warn others around you of impending hazards or dangerous conditions.
Come to practice hydrated and bring water (not sports drink) to practice.
Do not use profanity at practice or meets.
Do not use illegal performance enhancing drugs.
Attend all practices and notify coaches if I cannot be at practice as soon as
Be properly dressed for running in practice and in full uniform for meets.
Take my training serious and come prepare to perform my best at all time.
Will not consume alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or smoke.
Will not challenge or protest the ruling of starters, judges, or referees, but
     should bring all complaints to coaches for resolution.
Will at all times conduct myself in a disciplined and respectful manner as an
     athlete of the Fast Track Club.
If I am warned twice about not following any of the Codes of Conduct, I will
     be asked to leave the team.

Fast Traxx Troupe Track Club is a community track club serving all the communities within driving distance of Colorado Springs. The club is an IRS 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization.